CIP4 Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer

Henny van Esch
Optimus Group Ltd.
Modemweg 37
3821 BS Amersfoort
Phone: +31 6 53346313

Henny van Esch has been involved with the printing industry a very long time. Initially working as an estimator / CSR he became involved with Print Management Information Systems (MIS) in 1984 when he started work on the design of an internal MIS system (written in Cobol!) for a printing company in Holland. This application evolved into a commercially available print MIS system for the Dutch market. From that point on, working for companies like Philips and Digital Equipment Corporation, he has been involved in the design, support and sales of a number of different Print MIS systems in different countries in different roles.
In his current position as co-owner and director of Optimus Group Ltd, of one of the few truly world-wide active MIS vendors, he has experience with management of organizations and experience and knowledge of the print MIS requirements from all over the world. This experience he has brought into CIP4 organization and the Advisory Board and hopes to continue to do so in future.

Technical Officer

Rainer Prosi
Senior Workflow Architect
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
Research & Development
24107 Kiel
Phone: +49 431 3864620

Dr. Rainer Prosi is a high-energy particle physicist turned workflow architect working with Heidelberg since 1998 as a Senior Workflow Architect. He received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Kiel, Germany in 1992. He worked at the particle physics laboratories CERN and DESY where he evaluated the debris of colliding protons, electrons and positrons in the UA1 and H1 experiments. He has been involved with the Job Definition Format (JDF) project from its early phases in 1999 and is one of the primary authors of the JDF specification and the Interoperability Conformance Specifications (ICS) that are related to JDF. Prior to his work on JDF, he worked on variable data workflow and PDF optimization. He is currently working on a number of workflow and JDF related projects within Heidelberg. He is also the Chief Technical Officer of CIP4 where he is coordinating the technical development efforts related to JDF, PrintTalk and the ICS documents.

Education & Marketing Officer

Stefan Meissner

flyeralarm GmbH


Treasurer & Financial Officer

Jay Farr
1902 2nd Avenue North
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
United States of America

Mr. Farr is the general manager of EFI Pace after his previous company, Pace Systems, was acquired by EFI in July, 2008. He received his BS in Finance and Economics at the University of North Florida. His career began at United Parcel Service (UPS) and moved to management while attending college, followed by various entrepreneurial endeavors in the real estate and computer software industry. Prior to its acquisition at Pace Systems, Farr served as the President and CEO as well as visionary for the ePace product. Pace Systems was one of the original members of PrintTalk and was an active member of CIP4 until its acquisition by EFI. Farr lead the company in developing one of the first eCommerce systems in the Pace Customer eService modules as well as one of the first all-browser based MIS systems. As part of the plan, Farr designed and developed the ePace fully integrated accounting and payroll modules that drive hundreds of businesses in the industry.

Membership Officer

Nick Benkovich




CIP4 Advisory Board

Nominated Persons - Partner Members

Bernhard Wagensommer
Heidelberg AG

Mike Scrutton
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Dennis Carney

Craig White
Hewlett-Packard, Inc.

Patrick Kerr
Eastman Kodak Company

Markus Schluep
Müller Martini

Joseph Rouhana

Candidates - Full Members

Nick Benkovich
EFI Inc Senior Director, EPS Portfolio Product Management

Jacques Thiebauld
Dalim Software GmbH

Stefan Meißner
Flyeralarm GmbH

Julie Watson
Ultimate TechnoGraphics, CEO

Candidates Associate Members & Educational Members

Dr. Xiaoying Rong
California Polytechnic State University N/A member

Jim Workman
Printing Industries of America Associate member