What is JDF for the Systems Integrator?

JDF simplifies the amount of effort required in order to make two separate and disparaging systems work together. If you need to connect a WWW interface, an MIS, or a database or piece of equipment, JDF can make your job simpler and easier. 

Traditionally, this interoperability required extensive custom variable name mapping, interfacing, and communications protocols. With JDF as a foundation for standard ways that vendor solutions are built, it means that integrating JDF compliant solutions from vendors is less custom engineering, and greater customer configurable options. 

Since JDF is based upon XML, it is very well supported from a number of www and database modules and its support of MIS systems is a cornerstone of the JDF ecosystem. Many PSPs already have a quantity of JDF enabled software and hardware on their shop floors that are simply not connected. This gives opportunity to bother vendors, and integrators to meet customers needs and demands with consistently predictable results and capabilities.

More Detailed Information

All the technical details regarding JDF and JMF can be found on the CIP4 Confluence website. This is a collaboration website where you can ask questions and join the tech talk: Visit now >>